Harry Styles rips his pants off in front of Celebrity Crush Jennifer Aniston, the internet can’t stop laughing at the crazy incident

Wardrobe malfunctions are a nightmare for celebrities. No one needs to say more than is necessary and without a doubt doesn’t need to make headlines to unintentionally flash. However it is precisely what happened to Harry Kinds. To make matters worse, he had this embarrassing moment that came to him right in front of his crush, Jennifer Aniston.

The songwriter is currently on a love on tour, round. His revelations went without a hiccup until THAT happened. And the twitteratis are already divided on his cut!

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Twitteratis ruthlessly mock Harry Kinds by ripping his pants

The 28-year-old serenaded the group which included the Friends alum with Music for a sushi restaurant. According to Six webpage, at one point he approached the group and crouched down slightly when he realized the unthinkable had happened. His pants were wide openhowever fortuitously, the A class The member was wearing underwear underneath. Shocked, the British singer quickly tried to cover the tear with his arms. In the meantime, netizens can’t get over Harry Kinds flashing his underwear to the group unintentionally.

Kinds was knowledgeable through and through, as he ended the efficiency using a satisfaction flag to cover the tear. The singer took a little break to vary his pants. After what came back on stage to play down the situation that had freaked him out. He apologized to onlookers, especially those seated at the entrance, for making it more than a family gift!

Admittedly, the Watermelon Sugar crooner will continue to replay the incident in his head for a very long time. He had confessed to Ellen the Ellen Degeneres gift that Aniston was her very first celebrity crush. In 2021, the 2 had paired up in Gucci outfits. The 53-year-old actress wore the same Instyle cowl outfit the singer wore to the UK awards.

She also shared snaps of them face to face and joked that fans should call her Harriet Kinds. Additionally, Kinds also rocked the “Save the drama for your mother” shirt Rachel of Aniston wore in Pals. Waiting for, Kylie Jenner, Trevor Noah and Ellen DeGeneres were also present.

After the Spitgate with co-star Chris Pine, them Matilda the singer can’t take a break, can he? What are your thoughts on the incident? Drop your views in the comments.

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