Community’s Danny Pudi linked to Abed on a deeper level

For Pudi, Abed was like the kid who stood out for other reasons. He said:

“I think there was this idea of ​​this character who is in the middle of the action, in the middle of this study group, who sees things differently. And I could always relate to that. I grew up mixed race. I was, in many ways, the only person like me in a room.”

“I always remember that childish feeling where I would walk into a room and always feel like there was no one else like me there. And sometimes that was emphasized, sometimes that wasn’t. But it was something that I was very in tune with what it was. I remember being the only Indian kid in school and there’s just something different about it. And that experience was something that I could really relate to. As far as Abed goes, I just think there was something really playful about the way he saw the world, which I loved it.”

I didn’t think I would get emotional writing about “Community” today, but here we are. We all have something that sometimes makes us feel like we stand out in a group. If you think of your own group of friends, there is always someone who has a different way of seeing things, for various reasons. It was so nice to see the rest of the characters not only know that Abed was different, but to see them start to understand him and change their point of view often after listening to his point of view.

All six seasons of “Community” — with the “movie” portion of the #sixseasonsandmovie series reportedly underway — are currently streaming on Hulu.


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