RHONJ Recap: Coffee Conversation

This week RHONJ following Joe and Melissa Gorga’s blowout with Teresa Giudice and Louie Ruelas.

The Jersey Housewives are back home, settling back into their daily lives. Dolores Catania is still caring for Paulie as he recovers from heart surgery. Paulie seems to be less interested in recovery and more interested in Dolores dressing up as a nurse. Dolores gives Paulie the 411 on shore drama, including Frank Catania having an issue with Dolores not staying in her shore home. This news surprises Paulie, who admits he wouldn’t have been comfortable staying at Frank’s house if he had gone to the shore. He adds that Frank needs to “grow up” and get over the changes in his relationship with Dolores. Paulie suggests Frank focus on his relationship with his girlfriend Brittany. Turns out Dolores thinks Paulie’s ex-wife calls him too much but Paulie disagrees, noting that Frank calls Dolores “50 times a day” and lives with her ex-boyfriend, David.

Dolores then reveals her intention to sit down with Jennifer Aydin to try and work out their issues – one on one. She really wants to make amends with Jennifer, especially amid her rumored marital troubles with Bill Aydin. Paulie encourages Dolores to “put Jen in her place” and get her out Paterson Dolores. Yeah… that’s not a good idea at all. Talk about the start of World War III.

I totally yawned through the scenes of Rachel Fuda with her family. She is boring. Ugh. Talking about all his business and his success. Blah, blah, blah. It looks like Rachel wants another child but her husband John Fuda isn’t really interested – he thinks their family is complete. Also, Rachel wants to adopt her stepson, Jayden, who is about to go to college. No sense. It turns out that they would need to contact Jayden’s birth mother to make the adoption happen even though John has full custody. Apparently John and his son’s mother don’t have a good relationship.

Jennifer A and Dolores finally have lunch. The mother-of-five is still upset that Dolores didn’t have her 100 per cent backing against Margaret Josephs last season after revealing a past affair on the show. They both agree they want peace with Jennifer A admitting she let anger get the better of her. They decide to call a truce and agree to call each other when they hurt each other. Jennifer then confides in Dolores that she has problems with Bill. “discipline” her on how to properly raise their children. She adds that they went to therapy but Bill doesn’t seem interested in continuing. On top of that, Jennifer says she wants a real partner to co-parent with. More importantly, she takes care of Bill all the time. The two conclude their lunch by deciding to have a Turkish coffee reading at Paulie’s for the ladies.

At Gorgas’ new home in Franklin Lakes, Melissa and Antonia check on Joe’s progress on their upcoming homecoming. The three walk through the house with Melissa gushing that she’s so ready to move into their new home – she says it’s chic, sophisticated and modern. I do not think so. Melissa tells Joe that she is having a pop-up shopping event for Danielle Cabral’s children’s clothing line at Envy. She notes that she sees herself in Danielle a lot. Hmm…I don’t see it.

Speaking of Danielle, she’s at home getting ready for her pop-up event where she’s chatting with Teresa on the phone. Teresa reveals she has COVID-19 as they discuss what happened after Danielle left Rachel’s barbecue on the shore. THE RHONJ OG explains that Louie tried to get Donna Marco’s number to invite her to the wedding but Melissa refused to give it to him. She reveals how Melissa and Joe walked out of the barbecue with Louie back to the party. He was unsuccessful and came back to the party crying over the family drama as it reminds him of his own family drama with his sister.

Back at the Gorga’s, Melissa tells Joe that Louie was sobbing when he returned to the barbecue, according to Margaret. Joe is shocked that neither he nor Melissa understands why Louie was so upset. According to Joe, Louie must “fix” himself, adding that Louie is “two-sided” And “fake.”

Then, Joe goes further by bringing up the recent gossip that Dina Manzo and Teresa had a falling out after Dina’s husband, Dave Cantin, got into a fight with Louie over a business deal gone wrong. He goes on to claim that Dina’s husband “David” called him, because they’re friendly, and claimed what happened between Dave and Louie was “Pizza-Gate part 2”. That’s not quite true, FYI. None of this is true. All BS.

Joe keeps punching Louie and gets so mad that his veins start popping out of his neck. Good grief. Meanwhile, Teresa doesn’t understand how her only family can be so mean to her future husband. She makes it clear that she needs to draw a line in the sand and end the drama once and for all. Danielle, on the other hand, says she still has some things to sort out with Margaret, Rachel, and Jackie Goldschneider. She says Rachel really stirred the pot and called unnecessary drama between her and Margaret for no reason. The mother-of-two says she feels like it’s high school bullying again. Danielle is also angry that she let other women affect her so much.

The day for reading Turkish coffee has arrived. Jennifer is the first to arrive after the physic/coffee reader named Angie. The ladies are starting to arrive and everyone can’t get enough of Paulie’s beautiful home. Clearly things are still as cold as ice between Jennifer A and Margaret as neither greets each other. Melissa wonders why Dolores and Jennifer A are throwing a party together, which is when Dolores reveals that they came true and decided to throw the coffee readers party together. Margaret doesn’t buy it at all; insisting that Dolores doesn’t like Jennifer A. at all. The group wonders where Danielle is, which is when Margaret can’t help but hit the newbie. Jackie appeared out of nowhere; continuing to claim that Danielle is hiding something about her estrangement from her brother. Jen F agrees, saying you can’t open up halfway, but Jennifer A says they can’t hurt anyone else because they need to know more to be validated.

Danielle finally arrives on the roof where the other ladies are and they don’t make it at all obvious that they were talking about her. No way. The group heads back inside, which is when Dolores and Jennifer announce that Teresa has asked them to be bridesmaids at her wedding. They are delighted but Melissa is shocked and does not understand at all. Melissa notes that Dolores wasn’t even at Teresa and Louie’s engagement party, but Dolores says she doesn’t care. Jen F then brings up that Teresa lost a bridesmaid after Dina pulled out of the event. In her confessional, Dolores clarifies that she doesn’t talk about Dina – ever. Although Jennifer A and Dolores are horny, Melissa can’t believe they’re buying Teresa’s shit and calls BS about the whole thing.

The ladies settle in for a lunch and things get pretty awkward between Danielle and Margaret, who end up sitting next to each other. Danielle acknowledges the awkwardness with Margaret, who notes how Danielle stormed out of Rachel’s party in a “blow.” Before the two discuss, Danielle admits that it was a difficult situation for her. Dolores intervenes, suggesting that the ladies go on a trip to Ireland. The ladies all agree to go as Dolores adds that the trip will also serve as a bachelorette getaway for Teresa. I’m sure Melissa is thrilled.

Finally the coffee reading begins! Remember when Carole Radziwill, Dorinda Medley and Heather Thomson did this on RHONY? I liked it. Dolores learns that there is a ring in the future, which is coming very soon. As for Rachel, she is told that victory is in her very near future. Rachel explains that she hopes to adopt her stepson, which is when Marge notes how similar they are since she raised her stepchildren as well. Marge says it was the happiest moment of her life.

Speaking of Marge, it’s her turn next. Angie tells Marge there is trouble with a childhood friend and her name starts with L. Marge is shocked because she knows Angie is referring to her former best friend Laura Lee Jensen, who she is with got into a fight in 2021. Angie tells Margaret she sees a knife in her back – literally. She adds that one minute there was friendship and then there was fighting. Jen F and Jackie don’t believe it. In fact, they think Jennifer A told Angie what to say when it came to Margaret because the details were too specific.

Jennifer A then hands over her cup of coffee and asks Angie if she sees anything about her marriage, noting that her marriage is struggling right now. Angie says Jennifer is family and her husband loves her. She adds that Jennifer is in demand and has been offered many endorsements. This comment makes everyone’s antennae go up as Margaret pokes fun at Jennifer “endorsements” at Jen F’s brunch a few weeks ago. Marge says it’s too specific a word to be a coincidence and Melissa adds that she’s embarrassed for Jennifer A because it’s obvious she gave Angie the 411 on what to say about everyone.

As for Danielle, she is skeptical but holds out her cup of coffee. Angie tells Danielle that she was kicked out of her brother’s wedding and that she and her brother are crying about it. She adds that the anger felt by Danielle’s brother will eventually go away and they will make peace. Jackie adds that she hopes this is the case for Danielle, who is triggered by the comment. Danielle doesn’t understand why Jackie and some of the other ladies were talking about her family issues; saying they made her feel like crap. Melissa says women need to stop digging and leave Danielle alone.

Before concluding the conversation, Danielle says that she was so enraged by her falling out with Rachel, over their conversation about Margaret’s armory, that she was already gone when Jackie brought up the conversation about her brother. She then tells Rachel that she twisted their conversation and then ran to Marge in an attempt to sabotage their potential relationship. Rachel denies the accusation but Danielle says she was thrown on the bus.

Jen F asks Danielle if what Rachel said was wrong, which is when Danielle explains that they were. “talking coffee” about the warning they received about Margaret. Rachel says she doesn’t care but Danielle yells that she does, which shocks everyone at the table. Jennifer A notes that Danielle isn’t a shit like some of the other ladies. Danielle jokes that she can never trust Rachel, who doesn’t seem bothered at all.

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