Beth De Bacci shares her new EP “The Human Experience”

British singer-songwriter Beth De Bacci releases her latest EP, The human experiencevia Extreme Music, in the wake of his EP 2022, Monster inside me.

Talk about The human experience, Beth says; “I wanted to write something pure, emotional and explore the light and dark of everything we experience as humans.”

The EP takes listeners on an emotional journey through the human experience, from the highs of a drunken crush on “Sober (Only For You)” to the effort of letting go on “New Place, New Moment.”

A classically trained pianist, Beth’s sound combines her gift at the piano with brilliant pop textures, including synths, guitars and refined percussion, in irresistible music.

Working closely with Madding Crowd (Scouting For Girls, The Hoosiers, Billy Lockett) and writing and producing with Brookfield, The human experience reveals the complex layers of Beth’s understanding of what it’s like to be human.

Comprising four tracks, the EP begins with “Sober (Only For You)”, which opens with expressive piano grounding in a carefree, floaty beat topped with bubbly pop colors as Beth’s evocative vocals permeate the lyrics of poignant and chimerical flavors.

“Would you love me when we’re sober / ‘Cause when the night’s over / I’m gonna need some closure / You know I will.”

A personal favorite due to its intimate vulnerability, “Get To Know Ya” unveils the very human desire for connection, showcasing Beth’s deliciously nuanced timbres, stoking an authentic touchiness.

The smooth, shimmering intro to “Leave Me Behind” rolls in light, growling drums backing full-bodied washes of emerging pop flavors. Both charming and tender, Beth’s voice imbues the lyrics with sweet longing.

“Don’t leave me away / You feel so far away / And I could try to fix it / But I don’t think you’d stay.”

The final track, “New Place, New Moment,” travels on low, melancholy piano as aching strings sweep across the backdrop. Drenched in sad tones, Beth’s voice gives the song a sensible warmth.

Wonderfully worked, The human experience exudes the deep passions of life, transmitted by the bewitching voice of Beth De Bacci.

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