Jeremy Renner shares how his daughter Ava ‘cured’ him after snow plow accident

Jeremy Renner tells how his daughter Ava got it

Jeremy Renner celebrates his daughter Ava‘the birthday of!

Tuesday, March 28, the 52-year-old man avengers the star took to social media to write a tribute to Ava on his 10th birthday where he reflected on how she supported him after his snowplow accident.

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“Happy 10th birthday to you!!!! So proud of you in every way,” Jeremy wrote on her Instagram story.

“Your hugs and love healed me so incredibly fast,” Jeremy continued. “I defend you and I am stronger than before thanks to you. I am your Father, I am your protector and I am only yours. I love you daddy.”

New Year’s Day, Jeremy was crushed by a 14,300-pounder. snow plow while helping a family member dig out a stuck vehicle from about three feet of snow from the previous night in Reno, Nevada. He was taken to hospital in critical condition.

While Jeremy has shared several updates over the past three months, he recently shared the first video of him walking again!


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