Tim Green releases atmospheric single “Eteri” in promotion of compilation album Balance 31 which features 28 tracks he collected

After three years, Balance Music is back with a brand new compilation album from their Balance series, titled “Balance 31”, and they have chosen Tim Green to take the helm, and in doing so he released his new single “Eteri in promotion of the album. Its release follows Tim Green’s six-track album, “Eastbound Silhouette”.

Tim Green is a huge up-and-coming DJ and producer who has been releasing versatile house music for years under his own name, while he also dropped techno-house music under the name APIR, which has continued to gain hundreds of thousands of streams on Spotify. , and radio-friendly alternative pop music as Invisible Minds, which has garnered millions of Spotify streams. It’s clear that Tim Green knows music and how to craft a variety of different genres and make an impact with every release. He is also known for making an impact, in person, as his shows are certainly not to be missed, and over the years he has performed at iconic venues around the world including Fabric London, Panorama Bar Berlin, Amnesia Ibiza, Womb Tokyo, Space Ibiza, Watergate Berlin, Electric Pickle Miami, Jaeger Oslow, Spy Bar Chicago and D-Edge Sao Paulo; he has also made appearances at legendary festivals such as Burning Man Nevada, Caprices Switzerland, Mysteryland Amsterdam, Lightning in a bottle California, SW4 London, Desert Hearts California and Bestival UK.

He has always been influenced by music, with his father being a keyboard player and his childhood home being flooded with varied music. At the age of 8, he learned to play the guitar, and as a teenager, he played in various groups, but as soon as he heard the album “Discovery” by Daft Punk, he fell in love with it. electronic music. He has become a powerhouse in the industry, with millions of Spotify streams to his name, where his 2018 single, “His Future Ghost”, is his most streamed track on the platform, with 7.2 million flow.

By partnering with Balance Music, Tim Green is following in the footsteps of James Holden, Joris Voorn and Agoria, for the 31st volume in their series of compilations. He’s crafted a great story through the 2.5-hour, 28-track mix that also includes eight of his own edits. A variety of tracks can be found on the soon-to-be-released album, including Elysée’s “La Chambre des Lumières”, Obbie’s “Synesthesia” and Jamie Stevens’ “Titans”. The album is set to be officially released on May 5, digitally, and June 2, on vinyl.

“Some of the songs are definitely more ‘outside’ of the world and genre I’m currently working in,” says Tim Green. “But they are also songs that I love and that I think have a certain crossover in my world and my sound. The musicality and musical intent of each song is what is most important. So this time I didn’t try to find and include all the latest unreleased and unreleased upcoming songs from artists, for the sake of being super fresh as this can be achieved easily in online mixes. Instead, I’ve focused on songs that I feel represent my sound, even though they may be older, lesser known, or slightly alternative.

“I think this mix is ​​perfect for long trips,” he says. “It works especially well in scenic locations, anywhere you can sit for a long time and savor your surroundings. Breathe, relax and listen to the music alongside your surroundings.

Listen to a teaser of Libra 31 here:

Written and produced by Tim Green, himself, “Eteri” is a superb piece of house music that should be a highlight of the album Balance 31 with its moody theme mixed around a progressive dance rhythm and a catchy bass line. The track has a nice atmospheric production as it keeps the chime melody going throughout the workout while adding various melancholy sequences that enhance the whole vibe of the track and ensure a relaxing yet groovy listening experience.

Stream Tim Green’s “Eteri” on Spotify here:

“Eteri”, by Tim Green, is available to download and stream now on all platforms via Balance Music. Balance 31 is set to be released on digital on May 5 and on vinyl on June 2, which is available for pre-order on Balance Music’s official website.

Tracklist for Balance 31:

  1. Tim Green – Time Doesn’t Have To Heal
  2. Elysée – The Chamber of Lights
  3. Frank Hellmond – Drawn
  4. Matthias Vogt – Stillach
  5. Ranta-Courage
  6. Travertie – Auwald
  7. Tim Green – To Know Nothing
  8. Serious Dancers – Callahan (Tim Green Edit)
  9. Kamilo Sanclemente – A lonely pink cloud
  10. Maik Loewen – Middle of Nowhere (Rays Moodymood Remix) (Tim Green Edit)
  11. Obbie – Synesthesia
  12. mredrollo – Playces
  13. Aske Izan – Unconscious Mint
  14. Jimpster – Getting Cyclonic (Tim Green Edit)
  15. Tim Green – Eteri
  16. Slang & Technodreamer – Pad Destroyer (mredrollo remix)
  17. Tim Green – Citron
  18. Tim Green – It’s Just Lightning
  19. Jamie Stevens – Titans
  20. Tim Green – The Monster
  21. Zone+ – Endless Fever
  22. Dub Taylor – So Called Life (Tim Green Edit)
  23. JEAN – STAAHP (Tim Green Edit)
  24. Hraach – Promises (Tim Green Edit)
  25. Sébastien Léger & Tim Green – Duel
  26. Underworld – Two Months Off (Tim Green Remix)
  27. Alex Boman – Chestnut Heartsprite (Tim Green Edit)
  28. Deividas Bagdanov – Champagne (Tim Green Edit)

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