People share the time they lost all respect for their parents

We owe everything to our parents. They take care of us, feed us and teach us all the lessons of life before we are adults so that we can conquer what the world has to offer. At least the parents are supposed to. Not everyone can say they grew up in the perfect home. Sometimes a certain line is drawn that permanently damages the relationship between parent and child. In these stories, people reveal the exact moment when all respect for their parents disappeared.


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“Before, we had a super nice housekeeper. She was one of my favorite people, but my mother downright humiliated her.

This lady was heavier and had binge eating disorder. My mother enjoyed buying sweets and left them in the kitchen hoping the maid would eat them, which she always did. My mother didn’t even like to eat sweets. She did this just to set “traps” for the housekeeper.

When my mom confronted her about eating the sweets she had, my mom also found pleasure in making fun of her weight, eating habits, etc.

To me, this lady was an amazing person, and my mom, for some weird reason, loved finding ways to make her unhappy.

I had a lot of arguments with my mother because of her cruel behavior, but she wouldn’t stop. Eventually, the housekeeper quit. We are still in contact and I am happy to share that she is doing much better. It doesn’t surprise me because my mother was a rabid witch to her for no reason.

The new housekeeper doesn’t want to put up with my mom’s nonsense, so my mom has definitely met her match. When she confessed that she liked to tease the old housekeeper and manipulated situations to make sure she could, I was not only rid of all respect for her. In fact, I was disgusted.

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When the truth comes out

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“I was in Cub Scouts when I was nine.

One day, my parents stopped taking me to meetings without explanation. I asked my mom and dad a couple of times, but all they told me was that I was fired.

My parents told me that the other Scout members didn’t like me and the counselors told my parents to take me out of their program because I was a “bad kid”.

I was seriously confused by the news at first because I thought I got on well with just about everyone there. I’ve never really had a problem with any of the advisors either.

My parents made me believe that they were getting tons of complaints about me from my peers and managers.

I believed them for a very long time until one day I probed them and discovered the heartbreaking truth.

The truth was that I had been removed from the Cub Scouts simply because they no longer wanted to take me there.

This was revealed to me years later when I broached the subject with my mother for what felt like the hundredth time. My mother told me that she and my father were too tired to drive me to every meeting three times a week.

My older brother had a car, but they never thought to ask him because “he had better things to do”. My parents made the decision to lie to me because they thought I would protest if they told me the truth. So they felt the need to find a lie that seemed the most believable at the time.

I understand that people’s parents have done much worse things to them. I also understand that my parents have worked hard to house and feed me.

Maybe my parents were too tired, but I just don’t understand why my parents thought they had to enlighten me like that.

That’s why I have trust issues.”

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Mother raised him well

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“It took me a long time to realize how neglectful and emotionally abusive my mother was. There were always little things that bothered me, but time turned them into much bigger issues that were hard to deal with. ignore.

When my little brother started dating, he started a beautiful girl. They were inseparable. My brother got along well with his parents too. They took him to dinner and other events because they accepted him as if he was already part of the family. I was really happy for my brother. I thought our mom was happy too until we had a conversation about my brother and his girlfriend that got out of hand.

One day when I was visiting our mother, she said:

“I know it sounds awful, but I don’t like them hanging out. I don’t like seeing them together.

‘Oh why?’ I thought there might be legitimate concerns that my mother had that we were blind to. You know the saying, mother knows best? I will never relate to this statement. My mom kept complaining that my brother and his girlfriend had way more money than her. His girlfriend’s parents were giving her expensive supplies for school and she was jealous because she couldn’t afford to do the same. My mom even went on to say that my brother’s girlfriend was a “naughty one”.

His next words were even more disgusting.

“I raised the perfect boyfriend and now they can reap the rewards of my labor.”

I was speechless. My brother was HAPPY. I was delighted that he got along with his “in-laws” and what they were saying was almost bordering on incest. It made me shiver all over.

My mom started crying because I obviously didn’t agree with her. She knew I thought badly of her because of the comment, so she decided to cry to make me feel bad like she always did.

I remember thinking: ‘It’s not correct. This is so wrong.’

Her tears didn’t work then.

Shortly after, I finally got a place for therapy and cut off all communication with her.

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A lonely world

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“In November 2017, I broke off an engagement with a girl because I found out she had lied to me and her family had been supporting her. In one of the lies, my ex told me that “She got pregnant after being assaulted. I was devastated to hear the news and didn’t want to leave her at such a difficult time, so I stayed.

Turns out my ex had another partner that I didn’t know. He got her pregnant and then made himself rare. My ex also lied to me about his age. I later found out that the partner she cheated on me with was a “friend” she told me not to worry about.

Once I found out everything, the baby was born. I had fallen in love with the child. When I found out the truth, I felt like I had been hit by a car. I ended up leaving the child and my ex behind. I could never forgive him.

Then a month later, my ex managed to put me on child support. I ended up going into debt and fell into a deep depression. When I thought things couldn’t get any worse, I heard from someone close to him that my father was also involved in the drama.

Apparently my ex and my dad met behind my back while we were together. My dad was never a part of my life, but he knew my ex before we even dated. This discovery triggered a pain that still hurts me to this day.

I was very depressed and had to go back to live with my mother because all my money went into the relationship which literally went to hell. One evening, I was talking with my mother and my older sister about everything that had happened to me.

I told them how depressed I was, but my mom looked at me with a look of disgust on her face and called me “fat ass baby.” She then told me to be a man because “depression is for cowards and whiners”.

I never forgot what my mother told me. I’ve never seen her the same way. I am still depressed and seek therapy when I can afford it.

In the meantime, I try never to show my emotions to anyone. If I have a conversation, I never share my true thoughts and feelings because I’m so afraid of being shut down again like my issues don’t matter.

I hope things will work out in the future, but now I’m more alone than ever.

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