bitch | Princess Kate’s new ‘ballbuster’ private secretary quit before she even started working

Last December, we learned that the private secretary of the Princess of Wales had “resigned” months earlier. That private secretary was Hannah Cockburn-Logie, and she was with Kate as of May 2020. She oversaw much of Kate’s busy early childhood work. Kate then went without a private secretary for months, because (big surprise) she fucks up and her employees are incredibly bored. Then, in February, suddenly there was a big push – Kate hired someone by the name of Alison Corfield, who was then described as “strong” and “ballbuster”. Corfield never started working at Kensington Palace. She chose to keep her job with Jamie Oliver. Ouch. Interestingly enough, the Telegraph got the exclusive on this, only they changed the title after (presumably) a bitch from Kensington Palace. The title changed from ‘Princess of Wales’ new private secretary turns down job, opting to stay with Jamie Oliver’ For “Princess of Wales’ new private secretary rejects job to ‘stay under the radar’.” I guess Kate didn’t want to look short compared to Jamie Oliver? Or maybe Kate doesn’t want to look like she can’t keep the staff for more than a minute either.

The ‘straight talk’ PR guru hired as the Princess of Wales’ new private secretary has opted to stay with chef Jamie Oliver rather than take on the role, The Telegraph can reveal.

Alison Corfield, 51, was reportedly uncomfortable with the prospect of taking on such a prestigious position and decided to stay under the radar instead.

The branding and marketing expert mother of three has worked with Oliver for eight years. A source said: “She loves the job and is an integral part of the campaign team. She decided she just wanted to keep her head down and carry on with the work she knows so well in the background. She doesn’t didn’t want the publicity that comes with working at this level for such a well-known institution.

The move means Kensington Palace aides have had to go back to the drawing board in their search for the perfect candidate who will play a significant role in crafting the role of the princess.

[From The Telegraph]

The bar is in hell: “Kensington Palace wizards have had to go back to the drawing board in their search for the ideal candidate who will play a significant role in shaping the role of the princess.” She is 41 years old and she has been married to William for almost twelve years. Kate shouldn’t need a staff member to “play a big part” in SHAPING her role. It should have already been “shaped” years ago. We’ve heard, over and over, for years and years that Kate was preparing to be Princess of Wales and Queen Consort, that she was so desperate to finally do and be something and… nothing ever came of it. . She’s Princess of Wales and she’s still dependent on hiring a private secretary who will – by force of will? – suddenly make all the lazy and incompetent pieces fit together.

Speaking of which, the Kensington Palace editing pixies couldn’t pass Kate off as an educated and competent woman in her 40s discussing her life’s work. Here’s Kate talking to Richard Walker of Iceland Foods about “the science” behind Early Years. Walker even says, bluntly, that people are really struggling financially and Kate just walks past that, like it would never happen to her to use her position and use that time and effort to… help struggling families. It’s crazy. I have to ask again, and I know I’m a broken record about this, but Jesus H., guys: how is she not embarrassed? Are the palace staff embarrassed about this?? Guess they are, because Alison Corfield peeked into this sh-tshow and hastily turned off.

Photos courtesy of Kensington Palace, cover images.


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