All successive marriages

“Succession” is about people who can’t separate their life from their work – even on days that are supposed to be happy, like personal occasions, like weddings. Over the show’s three seasons, weddings have been the scene of some of the show’s most dramatic sequences of events, from deaths to multiple failed attempts to loosen Logan Roy’s (Brian Cox) stranglehold on Waystar Roy Co.

We already know that another major wedding is coming in the show’s fourth and final season, which premieres March 26. Connor Roy (Alan Ruck) and his escort-turned-fiancée Willa Ferreyra (Justine Lupe) got engaged in the season three finale, and season four trailers revealed brief glimpses of their big day, which is sure to be as chaotic as any other “Succession” wedding. Ruck also confirmed that the wedding will be a big part of the season. “Yeah, it’s quite dramatic,” he said during a March 22 panel discussion, per GamesRadar. “I can’t tell you without telling you stuff! But we do know that Connor and Willa are getting married, and I can only say that the circumstances are crazy.”

Ahead of their highly anticipated wedding day – which fan describes as ‘my royal wedding’ in a viral tweet – relive the twists and turns of each of the weddings that unfold throughout “Succession”.


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