Bryan Kohberger is obsessed with TV coverage of his murder case

We have long before Bryan Koberger faces trial for the murders of four college students in Moscow, Idaho. His next hearing isn’t even until June, so it’s going to be a bit of a wait. So what is he doing all this time?

The fellow prisoners of Latah County Jailwhere Kohberger has been held since his extradition from Pennsylvania in January, shared details of his day-to-day existence at DailyMail.comand some of these revelations are more surprising than others…

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First of all, the accused murderer would be OBSESSED to look at the coverage of his case. We didn’t even know he would have access to TV, but apparently he watches every day – but instead of relaxing with The price is right, he looks at the media coverage of himself. An inmate told the outlet:

“He watches himself all the time. It’s really a bit weird.

We have to be honest, this one isn’t that surprising. Many people are obsessed with true crime, and this case in particular – with its unexplained brutality and lack of police transparency, it is always intriguing. Kohberger was a doctoral student in criminology before his arrest, so the idea that he would be interested in this stuff is not a stretch, even if it hasn’t affected the course of his entire life.

Not to mention that serial killers and serial killers are known to follow police investigations into their crimes. Kohberger was charged with the brutal stabbings of four University of Idaho students – Maddie Mogen, Kaylee Goncalves, Xana KernodleAnd Ethan Chapin – without any discernible reason. If he’s guilty, and the evidence certainly points to that, that might fit a pretty common profile.

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Another prison source had a much more shocking revelation to share: Kohberger allegedly turned to God in his darkest hour. The insider said that every Sunday night at 7 p.m. he had a one-on-one with a local pastor:

“He sits with the pastor and gets his own private mass. It’s just the two of them. And no, I have no idea what they might be talking about.

Eh. Could it be because he faces his own mortality? It is a capital affair. Maybe he feels the need to confess because he has a bad conscience?

This is unlike other descriptions of his behavior. An inmate says DM:

“He always has the same expression, or non-expression. He just looks straight ahead. I never even saw his eyebrows or his mouth move. He never says anything.

Never say a word to anyone. However, other inmates speak to him occasionally. As a minor celebrity, he is often heckled. A prison official recounted a time when another inmate shouted, “Bitch!” at him, and he just turned around and gave him that look that we’ve all seen.

But he never does anything, or even talks to the other dozens of Latah inmates. He is apparently a model prisoner. Eh. What do you think of these new insights into Kohberger’s life in prison? ?

[Image via Fox 13 Seattle/ABC News/ABC7/WFLA/YouTube/Monroe County Correctional Facility.]


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