‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown ends relationship with Buren Brown

sister wives star Christine Brown likes to share details about his life after he left Kody Brown. But, her followers found it strange when she recently referenced a longtime companion named Buren Brown. The TLC actor jokes that she ended their relationship. But who the hell is Buren Brown?

Sister Wives: Christine Brown talks about her past relationship

Since breaking up with sister wives husband Kody Brown, Christine has become more of an open book. She likes to talk about life’s experiences and lessons. Christine recently posted about her personal success.

She says she owes a lot to the diet drink she consumes. The reality TV personality says she had many nasty issues with her weight and digestive system before discovering a new supplement.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown
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Christine from sister wives said she felt bloated and heavy. She jokes that she carried baby food with her for years. She says she even named him Buren Brown because he was always around. However, she and Buren have separated — and she couldn’t be happier.

TLC Star pokes fun at his past

THE sister wives The actor says she finds life so much more enjoyable now that she can laugh and poke fun at her past. Christine says she feels so good these days that she can’t imagine going back to her old self.

She is not the only member of her family to have managed to lose weight after leaving her husband.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown
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Janelle Brown, Christine’s friend, and TLC sister wives‘ co-star, also enjoys her success with weight loss and overall well-being. It seems that the single life is doing them both good.

Christine says she feels relaxed and comfortable enough to reflect on her past. She says she smiles more and even jokes about ending things with Buren Brown.

Sister Wives: Christine feels confident about her future

Christine said she loves that she looks forward to each new day. She feels so confident with every step she takes in life. In the past, she confesses that she did not always believe in herself.

But, since leaving Kody, she’s in the best shape she’s ever had, mentally and physically. His business is booming and his general mood is happy.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown
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Everything in her life is going exactly as she hoped. She is currently romantically involved with her boyfriend, David Woolley. She says she finally met the love of her life.

The new couple like to spend as much time as possible together. However, the TLC sister wives the celeb says their relationship is nothing like her past relationship, and for that, she’s grateful.

sister wives viewers are thrilled that Christine Brown is enjoying and living her life on her terms now. Many viewers are hoping to see David and Christine go the distance.

Fans say they wouldn’t be surprised if the pair took it to the next level soon. They also can’t wait to see more of her new relationship unfold in the next season of the TLC show.

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