CA the Don shares powerful single “Too High” [Video]

Tia McGraff is unquestionably a wonderful performer, a shining star on the Country, Folk and Americana music scenes. She specializes in creating music with a sweet sentimentality, and she perfectly masters this force. Her ability as a musical storyteller sets her apart from her peers, and it shows perfectly in her latest single, “Sometimes Love Is Like That.”

Like most of Tia’s production, “Sometimes Love’s Like That” is a sweet and sad sounding single. There’s a certain dreamy vibe to this single that we think really sets it apart from Tia’s usual work. It has all the hallmarks of his style, but there is a warmth that evokes feelings of nostalgia. It’s like a perfect encapsulation of comfortable memories in the form of a song.

The songwriting matches that, as Tia writes about reliving old love and the sweet memories that come with it, even if there’s pain mixed in. We have some pretty complicated feelings here, requiring a delicate and thoughtful approach. Taking these themes and butchering them can make the song sound insincere or haphazardly put together, so how does Tia do it?

We’re happy to report that “Sometimes Love Is That Way” succeeds in this department in spectacular fashion. Tia tackles these ideas and themes tastefully, greatly enhancing the overall mood of the song. We’d even go so far as to say that the songwriting on the single is by far one of its strongest points, truly capturing the feelings the song is going for.

There’s also a fleeting sense of pain and sadness with the song, which Tia explains throughout the single. Love is a complicated subject, as simple and common as it is, and Tia understands that. She explores the intricacies and pains of love, in a way that is simply fascinating to listen to.

The production is quite rare, but it works better this way. The simpler production quality is key to keeping the personal and intimate nature of the song. What’s most important though, is that the song pushes the most important parts of the arrangement forward, enhancing the mood of the song. There’s an almost grand sense of scale despite the song’s personal character.

All in all, Tia McGraff impresses once again with “Sometimes Love’s Like That.” It’s an emotional tour de force of a single, which stands out from the rest of the genre for its songwriting quality. Tia’s performance is also phenomenal, really conveying the complex emotions the song attempts to capture. We look forward to whatever she has in store for the future.

-Jason Airy


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